Lighting solutions for hotel lobbies

Hotel Brisamar Suites (Comarruga) by Saladie. ©alvarovaldecantos

“A first impression can do wonders.” With this well-known phrase by J.K. Rowling we begin an article that is as interesting as it is necessary. Today, a hotel’s welcome lobby is the key room that sets the first impression and creates that all-important welcoming ambience. Striking the perfect balance between light and interior design is crucial to captivating guests, so here are some of the most effective strategies to achieve this goal.

Hotel SB Glow (Barcelona) by InSense + Alado Studio
Hotel SB Glow (Barcelona) by InSense + Alado Studio

Welcoming reception

If your aim is to achieve a warm, pleasant environment, opt for indirect light lines with colour temperatures around the 2700K mark. The most suitable places to install these are around the perimeter and contour trenches as well as in certain support elements or furniture, such as shelves, reception tables or decorative pieces. For the first case we propose the ST2 or ST4 profiles accompanied by BASIC 14.2 OR MOON 14.2  LED strips in 3000K colour temperature. Regarding the integration of light in shelves, shelves and sockets of the reception tables, you can use the ST51 or ST52 profiles and the COB ANSER AN11 LED strips in 2700K or 3000K.

Hotel Brisa (Ibiza) Socías y Rosselló + Aixut Interiorisme

The Importance of functionality

A space with a beautiful lighting environment may not be enough to achieve the necessary light levels for certain basic tasks, such as taking guests’ details, clearly reading the menu in the lobby, or ensuring safety in hotel corridors and halls. For these situations, direct zenithal lighting works best, which will allow you to use — depending on the ceiling height — linear surface, recessed  or suspended systems. Whatever you go for, remember to use opal diffusers to prevent unsightly glares.

• Hotel Vincci- Consulado de Bilbao 4* by Susaeta Iluminación
Hotel Vincci- Consulado de Bilbao 4* by Susaeta Iluminación

One space, multiple uses

In recent years, lobbies have become the new hangout spots in hotels, emerging as multipurpose spaces that can accommodate all types of guests. Over the course of the day, they might host business meetings, groups of friends and family enjoying an aperitif, or guests cosily kicking back with a good book. As such, it’s important to segment and alternate different levels of lighting on each of the facilities’ surfaces. Lluria’s linear systems let you cater to all these variables since we have powers starting from 4.8W/m and exceeding 37W/m. As a general guideline, we recommend using the same or an analogous colour temperature to grant the space conceptual unity.

Hard Rock Hotel Madrid by Atelier Mel

Down to the smallest details

The differential factor of a good light design is found in the small details. That’s why at Lluria we offer you all the formal solutions for linear profiles to adapt to any situation. In addition, in our catalogue of LED strips you can find special products such as SNAKE, whose geometry allows you to design its shape, SIDE AWAY, with lateral light emission, CRONO, to create the most imaginative figures and designs and DIGITAL IP20, with which you can design and programme all kinds of visuals and lighting effects.

Clients enjoy being outdoors on tastefully-lit gastropub and restaurant terraces

iluminacion terrazas luz lineal

In summer, when the heat is at its peak, bar and restaurant terraces become one of city dwellers’ most precious assets. While they are not usually at their busiest during the hottest hours of the day, at nightfall they are thronged with people. That’s why, besides an attractive architectural or decorative design, special attention should be paid to their lighting. Whether direct, indirect, surface fitted or integrated, the lighting design will be the attraction and differential point that gives a venue an unbeatable charm. Here are some keys and the best systems for enticing customers.

iluminacion terrazas luz lineal
Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa (Lanzarote) by Maraba Studio. Fotografía:

Functional Lighting

The main objective when projecting light on a terrace is to obtain functional lighting on the table tops. Being able to clearly see the dishes, the menu and the faces of our companions is undoubtedly the first step. Using the linear structures of awnings or pergolas to integrate linear surface lighting systems is always a promising idea. At Lluria we have all kinds of dimensions, sections and finishes that integrate the lighting design perfectly into the spatial design.

Terraza en Barcelona by Saladié. Interiorismo: Mia Puigvert

Set out, mark, signal

Often, it is interesting to use light to limit spatial contours. A resource that will create a sense of location, belonging and comfort for diners. In these cases, we can choose ELARA Neon flex LED strips, available in 2700K, 3000K or 4000K RGB. Additionally, or as an alternative, paths to be followed can be marked out to describe the routes. To this end, SILICONLED is especially suitable, as besides being temperature-resistant, it is water and damp proof.

Hotel San Feliu (Sant Feliu de Guíxols) by Lluria

Plants and furniture

Restaurants are increasingly including design furniture and beautiful greenery on their terraces. Careful design of the interior and exterior spaces brings important benefits and economic returns. The fine section dimensions of the LYNX – Mini neon flex LED strips will allow you to give that little touch of light to vegetation or to highlight furniture. Depending on the model you choose, you can enjoy up to five colour temperatures.

Hotel S’Entrador Playa & Spa (Mallorca) by Socías y Rosselló

Special designs

For restaurants where creativity and design take precedence over everything else, we recommend the use of the CRONO LED strip by Lluria. Its great flexibility means you can create all kinds of amazing shapes and forms. Its uniform 360-degree light emission will provide the level of light and sophistication in keeping with avant-garde decoration and architecture.

iluminacion terrazas luz lineal
Apartamentos Sal Rossa (Ibiza)- Aixut Interiorisme

Remember that it is important to select and include opal profiles in most linear systems to avoid dazzling diners and staff. Our team of professionals will always be at your disposal to clear up any doubts that may come up when you develop your project.

When light is design

lluria-iluminacion lineal bar restaurantes

More and more bars and restaurants are investing in and valuing good lighting design. Besides providing light and contributing to the desired atmosphere, the lighting project can be an additional layer within the interior or architectural design concept. This is the case of Ultramarinos Bar y Tapas located in the Aragonese town of Jaca, a unique project carried out by Audio Import in collaboration with Donaluz.

lluria-iluminacion lineal bar restaurantes

Raise your eyes

Strange as it may seem and unlike other restaurant designs, our first reaction on entering Ultramarinos Bar y Tapas will be to look up in surprise at the geometries of linear light that draw an infinite ceiling. Lines of light that seem to refer to the numerous and seemingly endless transatlantic voyages made to bring the most special products from distant continents.

lluria-iluminacion lineal bar restaurantes

Three-level suspension

On closer inspection, the seemingly random distribution of the lines of light is seen to be a careful and meticulous work of spatial and volumetric design. Linear suspension systems and Star 14 profiles finished in Lluria black were chosen to achieve this complex criss-cross braided light. Three heights that consistently emit different intensities of warm light along their path.

lluria-iluminacion lineal bar restaurantes

Visual comfort

One of the most interesting aspects of the system used is its capacity to illuminate directly without producing glare. All this is possible thanks to the use of opal diffusers capable of uniformly marking the lines of light and at the same time eliminating glare and flashes or and avoiding the appearance of the encapsulated chips that make up the LED strip.

Light details

Besides achieving a uniform distribution, the linear systems are adapted, adjusted to run through other unique areas of the restaurant: the bar is illuminated thanks to the suspension of the Star 14 linear systems at a lower level, the shelves and bottle racks are bathed in warm, invisible light using Star 52 recessed profiles integrated into the wood, and finally – thanks to the wide variety of special Lluria profiles – the restaurant’s bathrooms are highlighted and subtly and elegantly illuminate the edges and ceilings.

Client: Restaurante Ultramarinos (Jaca, Huesca)
Lighting Design:  Audio Import
Photography: Audio Import

Unique projects, customised projects

Grill & Pool La Buena Vida. Iluminación: Maraba Studio. Fotografía: Bruto Estudio

At Lluria we realise that each project is and must be unique. For each type of space and purpose, there’s a wide range of objective conditioning factors to consider, such as the kind of material, texture, colour, dimensions and formal structure of the space, in addition to other subjective factors such as the client’s personal wishes and the needs of the designer or architect. That’s why all our clients’ projects are treated with the utmost attentiveness and the care and respect they deserve. At Lluria we respond to all these requirements with a personalised service that aims to accomplish and also add value to ideas.

Restaurante Belbo Dos Besos. Iluminación: Vie Il.luminació Tècnica i Decorativa

All kinds of solutions

Hotels, homes, restaurants, sports and cultural facilities… whatever the function or type, at Lluria we have all kinds of lighting products and solutions that can adapt to any situation. Suspended, recessed and surface-mounted linear solutions in different sizes and finishes with the possibility to choose the desired colour temperature and appropriate level of intensity. All with the option of being installed indoors, outdoors or submerged underwater, unmistakably putting the space’s lighting centre stage.

SB Glow Hotel. Diseño: In Sense y Alado Studio

Customised profiles

Our profiles and systems cover all lighting and spatial needs. However, sometimes there are very specific requirements, either due to the particular concerns and interests of the client or to the formal needs of the architect or designer. At Lluria we make your wishes come true, manufacturing on demand any type of design, both in formal and lighting terms, so you can get the product you want. We carry out bespoke projects using state of the art parametric technology.

Dynamic design

In addition to customised formal design, we can also help to create different settings using dynamic lighting. All the creativity and emotion at your fingertips to achieve the ultimate in quality and naturalness thanks to our ecosystem of products. Why not go one step further and create ambiences and sensations with our innovative lighting solutions?

Technical advice

We’re by your side throughout the entire project. Our team is available to help you decide which lighting is best suited to each space and we can resolve all technical and installation issues to ensure the product is fitted and started up properly.

Hard Rock Hotel Madrid by Atelier Mel


At Lluria we’re continuously developing in technical terms and producing new lighting solutions. On a daily basis, our research department works both independently and in collaboration with prestigious architects and designers to develop new systems, accessories and linear profiles capable of dealing with any situation.

Lluria Xperience
Lluria Xperience. Diseño: reMM

Get in touch and we’ll resolve all your questions and needs.

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Casa Calderina, the warmth of a welcoming scene

Casa Calderina, Maraba Studio, Lluria

Casa Calderina is a fantastic detached house located in Lanzarote. Its clean, clear architecture keeps the visual identity of the characteristic buildings of the island fresh and up-to-date. The lighting project developed by Maraba Studio reveals the warmth of a tremendously welcoming scene that is an oasis of rest and relaxation.

Maraba Studio iluminación viviendas

From the outside you can see a piece of light that remains silent and motionless, as if not wanting to disturb the magnificent landscape outside. This interior seeps into the exterior thanks to the light reflections created by LLuria linear systems on the sheet of water. An interplay of geometries and volumes that amplifies the visual and emotional experience of living in this idyllic place.

Maraba Studio iluminación viviendas

Inside the house, visitors are received with a warm welcome. A large halo of circular light built using flexible Lluria LED profiles and strips greets us and invites us to explore the rest of the interior rooms.

Maraba Studio iluminacion viviendas

The kitchen maintains the aesthetics and purity of the building’s architecture. A two-texture space that opens up to form part of connecting passageways and halls. On this occasion, the surface lighting on the cooking area coexists with the parallel light of the Lluria profiles, which are hidden and built into the furniture.

Maraba Studio iluminación viviendas

Unlike in other housing designs, Casa Calderina considers damp rooms in its design. The application of natural materials adds to the apt lighting, making the bathroom a truly unique setting. The project avoids direct lights on the ceiling and opts for indirect lighting lines to highlight textures and create comfortable and functional environments.

Maraba Studio iluminación baños

The master bedroom continues the philosophy of the lighting project, avoiding any kind of glare. For this room, Maraba Studio devised a linear contour lighting that bathes the curtains and illuminates the main headboard. The result is a soft and all-embracing light effect supported by the decorative reading lights on each side of the bed.

Maraba Studio iluminación dormitorios

The living room in Casa Calderina has spot and directed lighting on the central table combined with warm linear lights by LLuria hidden in the ceiling pits. This atmospheric light limits the space and gathers us to enjoy a pleasant room.

Maraba Studio iluminación sala de estar

Architecture: Juana María Guadalupe                                                               Lighting design: Maraba Studio
Interior design: Mardecó Art Studio
Lighting supplier: Naos Iluminación
Home automation: Aleima Soluciones Integrales
Photography: Bruto Estudio

Discover the potential of suspended linear lighting

iluminación lineal suspendida

Suspended luminaires can be an excellent resource in our lighting design. We often choose lamps based on the material, shape and finish we consider suitable at the time. However, their design may soon become somewhat outdated and no longer match the new furniture chosen or the colour of the room when it is redecorated. At Lluria we understand the line as the purest, most basic and recognisable geometric object. A working philosophy that uses light rather than form as a mechanism to illuminate our ideas.

Below is a detailed description of the full potential of our suspended linear lighting systems.

Las luminarias suspendidas pueden ser un buen recurso a utilizar en nuestro diseño lumínico. En muchas ocasiones elegimos una lámpara en base al material, forma y acabado que en ese determinado momento consideramos adecuado. Sin embargo, con el paso del tiempo su diseño puede quedar algo desfasado y no combinar con el nuevo mobiliario elegido o con la renovación de color de la estancia en la que se encuentra. En Lluria entendemos la línea como la geometría más pura, básica y reconocible. Una filosofía de trabajo que hace uso de la luz y no de la forma como mecanismo para iluminar nuestras ideas. A continuación, te detallamos todo el potencial de nuestros sistemas suspendidos de iluminación lineal.

Precision and definition

The height from the ceiling to the usable plane of our workstation, counter or dining table is often a limiting or conditioning factor in lighting design. Besides solving this, Lluria’s linear suspension systems offer an enormous variety of diffusers capable of adapting the light to a useful plane, as we call them in lighting technology. The possibility of choosing between different diffusers and finishes will facilitate the task of precisely outlining the area to be lit.

iluminación lineal suspendida

To infinity

A softly and evenly lit environment can convey peace and harmony. To achieve this, we must achieve a lighting uniformity that not only generates spatial continuity but also maintains the same ambient atmosphere. At Lluria we guarantee this scalability because our profiles allow you to create lines of light that are lost in infinity.

iluminación lineal suspendida

Integrated design

Good product design goes beyond aesthetics. At Lluria we have developed several systems and profiles that integrate the driver into the luminaire itself. This is a huge design advantage over other conventional suspension systems, as we avoid the search for hard-to-reach registers and intrusive power supply wiring. Among others, we can choose the ST22 or ST27 profiles.

iluminación lineal suspendida

Tailor-made composition

A luminaire of luminaires? Imagine and design the composition and distribution of your ideal luminaire. At LLuria we know that each space is unique and personal, which is why we offer the possibility of materialising your wishes, without limits. Modular, vertical, horizontal lines, adapted to each place, making use of the possibilities offered by the suspension kits. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, our technical department is at your disposal to turn your vision into reality.

Bodegas Joan Segura, emotional experience around wine

CavesJoanSegura Alsina Sech Lighting

The cellars of Bodegas Joan Segura are the result of over a hundred years’ knowledge and passion for wine, cava and viticulture passed down from father to son. Located in a beautiful family farmhouse in the upper Penedés in the province of Barcelona, the cellars have undergone a spectacular renovation and now visitors can experience guided itineraries through a captivating world of aromas and tradition. A fantastic project directed by architect Daniel Nassar accompanied by the unique lighting design of Joan Alsina, who chose LLuria to create an emotional experience around wine.

CavesJoanSegura Lluria Alsina Sech

The lighting project highlights and emphasises the qualities of a pure and minimalist architectural approach. From the outside we can see a carefully crafted corporate image illuminated by the 4.8W/m, 2700K Moon flexible LED strip. A first design gesture in accordance with the intention of introducing the circle into the architectural discourse. The budding vegetation appears and takes over a light structure of shadow and light that marks the rhythm of a welcoming, dynamic and visual route.

The exhibition room for tastings and experiences recreates a warm atmosphere in 2700K that floods the space with light. A special place full of decorative and functional details such as the elegant glass hanger, illuminated by the 9.6W/m Moon LED strip and aluminium profile finished in black. A welcoming place of lines of light that mark out the contours of passageways, with varying positions, orientation and heights to achieve the desired lighting coherence.

The architectural project establishes a constant relationship between indoors and out. An example of this is the beautiful courtyard that gives continuity to the wine cellar and provides access to the more private and family part of the winery.  Microspikes in the planters highlight the vegetation while the upper light line hidden under the gutter shows the way to the next room.

The uplights distributed on the floor provide accent and contrast while the 4.8W/m Moon IP65 LED strip subtly and invisibly bathes the stone staircase that leads us to a second floor.

As we cross the last threshold of light, we discover a turning point in its architectural design. A surprising place that highlights the relationship and spatial coexistence of two aesthetically distinct spaces that have wine as their common theme.

A literal break separated by a line of indirect light that marks and frames the old cellar and the new renovated space as if they were two paintings – one expressionist, the other minimalist.

Keys for designs with linear surface systems

Perfiles superficie
Concesionario GT Wagen (Madrid) by Lámparas Oliva

When we develop a lighting project, there are often architectural obstacles that handicap the initial proposal or idea. In most cases, and as a rule, we only use surface profiles when it’s impossible to integrate lighting into the space, either because there’s no false ceiling or because the vertical walls are too thin. However, in addition to these inevitable situations, there are many other reasons why you may opt for these surface systems. At Lluria we have as many types of linear surface profiles as projects can cover. Here are some of the most interesting solutions:

Infinite compositions

It is becoming increasingly common for projects to lack a false ceiling because of design criteria. This design decision, far from being an obstacle, can become a tool and opportunity to create new approaches to lighting. This is the case of the ST4 PLUS and ST35 surface profiles, which feature dimensions and finishes that provide a high degree of sophistication and spatial presence. In addition, you can choose between five types of diffusers, among which we would highlight the black methacrylate finish. Another very interesting solution is the ST22 surface profile, which allows you to integrate and hide the wiring of the LED strip inside the profile itself.

Iluminacion pasillos
Proyecto de Fis Interiorismo con Viva Llum

Light sockets

The ST29 system is ideal for installing in sockets. With this solution you can indirectly illuminate a path to your different rooms or accentuate and highlight the lower line of a piece of furniture. What’s more, its anodised aluminium finish makes it safe and convenient to clean. Another very interesting option is the ST17  model, which in addition to indicating the way, provides light uniformity to the vertical wall.

Perfiles superficie
Casa Particular “Acero” (Bellaterra)- by Vié Iluminación

Lighting stairs

At LLuria we are constantly developing and researching to offer specific and innovative solutions. An example of this is the ST21 profile, which is designed to bathe stair steps in light. With its simple installation, this special piece becomes the perfect stair nosing and finish.

Perfiles superficie

Limits and edges

Especially in projects with a high level of design, such as art installations or temporary exhibits, lighting plays a crucial role. If you’re looking to modify the overall chromatic feel of a space, or mark the limits of the architecture, the ST6 profiles are the ideal solution. Their triangular and extruded shape adapts perfectly to the edges of the space. You can also install high-power LED strips into this profile, reaching up to 35W/m.

Perfiles superficie
Restaurante Belbo Dos Besos by Vie Il.luminació Tècnica i Decorativa

Organic forms

Organic architectural designs are the workhorse for any lighting designer. For these unique and complex cases, we have the ST19 profile made of extruded aluminium. This system can curve and adapt its shape to any project and circumstance.

The elegance of lighting with linear LED systems is at the tip of your fingertips with Lluria’s surface profiles, which are as limitless as your creativity. Bring light to everything you can imagine. And if you have any queries, we’d be happy to help you. Just let us know and we’ll respond to all your needs and design concerns.

Macassar Showroom: designer lighting for cutting-edge products

Showroom Macassar: iluminación de diseño de Maraba Studio

Most people’s idea of a showroom is a large container-type space filled with products to display to the public. A place in which potential buyers can see and touch finishes, measure scales or feel the effect items have on them and the spaces they occupy. But can we turn the exhibition space into something else, into an experience?

Custom design

This was the question Maraba Studio posed to us when we were commissioned to design the lighting for the Macassar furniture showroom in Lanzarote. The elegant French toilet brand Trone was the perfect excuse to develop a unique space that would serve as both a showroom and toilet for staff and customers. A project that became reality thanks to Lluria’s wide variety of linear systems.

Aquatic effect

When walking into the space, flashes of blue light flood and softly glide across the walkable surface. The large side mirror amplifies the aquatic lighting effect produced by the projection of a continuously rotating circular gobo.

Indirect Lighting

At the end of the corridor, the indirect lighting behind the vertical mirror brings scale, elegance and sleekness, with the lower light under the sink making it ‘float’ in the space. The supporting side fixture provides the ensemble with an accent piece, contrasting and functional lighting.

Movement and dynamism

Designer toilets bathed in light that not only illuminates the space but redefines the avant-garde nature of it. Lines of light run and fold through the different surface planes thanks to Lluria’s profiles and integrated systems. The rhythmic arrangement creates a sense of movement and dynamism as you walk through the space.

Light eclipse

The wide variety of Lluria inside IP20 LED strips make it possible to create any effect imaginable. In this case, the ‘eclipse’ of the circular mirror was easily achieved by fixing a flexible LED perimeter strip around the inside contour. The dimensions of the space are multiplied thanks to the optical illusion produced by the reflection of the side mirrors. A simple but smart projection technique that reproduces this magical lighting moment to infinity.

Lighting design: Maraba Studio
Naos Iluminación
Photography: Bruto Estudio

Less is more: how to choose the right recessed profiles for integrated lighting

Cómo elegir perfiles lineales led
Hotel Flamingo- Tarragona by Espais d’ Il·luminació

Less is more

This maxim from the Modern Movement coined by German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe encapsulates the whole concept of minimalism: the pursuit of perfectioning by chipping away everything superfluous from the space. The complexity of this stance lies in deciding which elements of the architecture to remove from the equation when developing the design process.

Light is an essential and indissoluble part of any project, and its main aim should be to enhance the surrounding architecture. Therefore, a good lighting project should never involve garish light fittings that dilute the designer’s spatial idea or concept.

Variety of recessed profiles

The best way to achieve this is by using integrated linear lighting. At Lluria we have a wide variety of recessed profiles, which can be combined to provide lighting to all aspects of the project. As their own name suggests, the fact that they can be integrated into space makes them the best tools as they add value while remaining ‘invisible’.

Cómo elegir perfiles lineales led
Showroom Tienda Matter- Barcelona by VivaLlum- Fotografía: Xavier Valls

Direct and functional light

For areas where direct and functional lighting is required, the STD1, ST52 or ST67 profiles are a very effective solution. Their different heights and dimensions provide great flexibility for the installation and commissioning.

Luz directa y funcional Para aquellas zonas donde se precise una luz directa y funcional, los perfiles ST51, ST52 o ST67 son una solución muy eficaz. Sus diferentes alturas y dimensiones aportan gran flexibilidad para su instalación y puesta en obra.
Vivienda Elche by Ramqui Iluminación & Ingeniería + Promodatos Vivienda- Matadepera by Vié Interiorisme

Indirect ambient lighting

If you also want to provide indirect ambient lighting while creating a soft, subtle effect, you can integrate ST54 profiles, perfect for marking a diffuse and linear line of light on any vertical wall.

Cómo elegir perfiles lineales led
Acero-Bellaterra by Vié Iluminació

Marking and defining contours

You can use lighting to highlight the contours of the architecture for both aesthetic and functional purposes. One of our most special profiles is the ST29. This profile allows you to do away with constructive elements like skirting boards, as well as illuminate and highlight corridors or common areas. On the other hand, you also have the option to trace edges and meeting points between vertical walls with light with the ST64 or ST65 profiles.

Cómo elegir perfiles lineales led
Pastelería Arrese (Bilbao) by Susaeta iluminación. Diseño y ejecución by SuBe Interiorismo. Fotografía: Elker Azqueta / La Bulla (Barcelona) by Energía 32 Studios SLP (AMCA Architecture) + Saladié Lighting Projects, SL

Light on flooring

Lastly, if you’re interested in illuminating the space from the flooring itself, the ST55 or ST56 profiles are the most suitable for indoor application. In addition to illuminating the floor, you can also bathe the surfaces and vertical finishes. For outdoor applications, we offer the ST57 version with IP67 protection and a resistance to road traffic of up to 2,000 kg.

Cómo elegir perfiles lineales led
Acero-Bellaterra by Vié Iluminació / Hotel Sant Feliu- Sant Feliu de Guíxols

Integrated lighting can be the best way to give light to a project. If you have any questions, our technical team will be happy to advise you and propose the best solution at any time. Illuminate more with less, illuminate better, illuminate with Lluria.

Cómo elegir perfiles lineales led