Useful tips for lighting commercial displays

iluminacion expositores comerciales lluria
Iluminación expositores Lluria iluminacion lineal
Óptica Cervantes by Giordano Baly Arquitecto. Fotografía Manolo Espaliú

Displays are spaces for exhibiting products in their best light with the sole purpose of selling them. Therefore, besides an attractive design, we must provide lighting that emphasises and highlights the products’ presence. The way the products are lit is crucial and affects how they look and are perceived and how they are preserved. Here are some very useful tips.

Versatility and adaptability

Displays house the innovative products. However, this innovative position is soon lost as other, newer products appear. That is why we need versatile lighting that can adapt to the colours textures and materials of the products to come. The TITAN Double White LED strip has this unique quality, and its colour temperature ranges from 2400K to 6000K.

Cómo elegir perfiles lineales led
Showroom Tienda Matter- Barcelona by VivaLlum- Fotografía: Xavier Valls

Avoid reflections

Displays are best lit from the inside; in this way we avoid undesirable reflections produced by the protective glass and enhance the product’s visibility. The ANSER led strip is our best option for achieving a uniform and shadow-free light; its cob led linear technology emits an even, continuous light, regardless of the type of diffuser in the profile.

Ferreteria Caber by Lazaro Rosa Violán Studio
Ferreteria Caber by Lázaro Rosa Violán Studio

True representation

The essential factor when illuminating a product is how real the product looks. Whether we enhance the appetising appearance of a food or highlight the qualities of a luxury object, we need the best quality light. For this we need a high chromatic reproduction index that avoids varying shades in the same led strip. With a CRI of over 90, the PEGASUS led strip by LLuria provides the necessary guarantee.

Perfiles superficie
Concesionario GT Wagen (Madrid) by Lámparas Oliva

Play and customise

Displays can change scale and become large spaces containing products. For this reason, whatever the design type or concept, Lluria is happy to help you build customised solutions. Thanks to the wide variety of linear profiles and accessories we can create any shape and geometry you can imagine.

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