Illuminating a company’s brand

quironsalud iluminacion marca corporativa

When we’re commissioned to design the lighting for a company or business, we always try to find the perfect balance between the client’s needs and the image they want to convey to the public. Among other considerations, this involves calculating illuminances according to the type of task in question or adapting colour temperatures to suit the materials that make up the space. But we also have to propose solutions that instantly identify the client’s brand, be it through illuminated signs or logos. At LLuria our aim is to help you achieve this, offering you the best systems and LED strips to use in each particular case.

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Cavas Joan Segura

Complex designs

In recent years, signage has gone from being merely a necessity for corporate identity to yet another layer in architectural design. So much so that signs are now displayed on all kinds of supports and surfaces and often involve impossible twists and curves. The SNAKE LED strip is unrivalled for this kind of situation as it’s so easy to turn and adjust.

The possibilities of colour

In terms of image, a brand is often associated with a certain colour or combination of colours. Although these tend to be applied to finishes and objects, light can also be very useful as it helps to emphasise and reinforce the ambience. Depending on the degree of intensity required, you can choose between the BASIC BS7,2 RGB and BS14,4-RGB LED strips or opt for the TITAN model, more powerful and available in three RGB and RGBW versions.

Iluminacion Marca Corporativa Lluria
Restaurante Belbo Dos Besos

Minimal expression

The identity of a business can also be emphasised through the reproduction and repetition of tiny details, such as brand symbols or icons. However, due to their small size, such minimalist designs often make it difficult or unviable to install and use our LED strips. But Lluria has the perfect solution for these situations; the MINI LED strip. Just 4 mm wide, it makes installation so much easier.

Alarz Bahía Club

Outdoor image

But businesses shouldn’t focus solely on light and image inside their buildings. In fact, attracting potential customers begins outside and depends both on the originality of the design and the type of light used to illuminate it. Regardless of the colour or intensity, outdoor installations need to be protected against rain and damp, so we recommend using IP65, IP67 or IP68 strips, depending on the degree of exposure in question.

Desde su reciente apertura, Alarz Bahía Club se ha convertido en uno de los espacios gastronómicos más destacados de la isla de Lanzarote. Ubicado en la planta baja del Hotel Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa, este nuevo templo de la restauración nos invita disfrutar de una experiencia gastronómica cálida y selvática orquestada por el diseño lumínico de Maraba Studio en colaboración con Lluria.
Alarz Bahía Club

Whatever the solution you’re looking for, you’ll always find the answer at Lluria. Don’t hesitate to consult our technical team; they have the skill and experience to offer you the most appropriate product and service for your project.

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