Mirador torre Glòries, a new look over Barcelona

Mirador Torre Glorias iluminacion

Mirador torre Glòries is an observatory that allows you to take a fresh look at Barcelona. The skyscraper offers a different way of experiencing the beat of a living metropolis, a mesh of natural, social and technological forces in constant movement. At Lluria we’re especially proud to be part of this exciting project that amplifies the visibility of the city of Barcelona. A unique project bringing light and excitement to the tower’s new welcome space.

Mirador Torre Glories iluminacion

Access to the viewpoint

The new waiting space provokes, contains and captures emotions. Visitor’s expectations are built in a first room which serves as the starting point of the route and overall experience of the skyscraper. An open and eclectic place composed of lines of light that mark the beginning of an unforgettable journey.

Mirador Torre Glories iluminacion Lluria


The lighting project is millimetrically adjusted to the limits of its architecture. This execution was made possible thanks to the Draco lights by Lluria, produced and custom-crafted for this project with a one-piece profile of 6 metres in length. Draco has a 45 mm diameter tubular diffuser made of polycarbonate inside which the Titan Double White LED strip is housed. The tubular light offers a high opening angle of 150° and optimal heat dissipation that guarantees a lifespan of 50,000 hours (LM80).

Mirador Torre Glories iluminación Lluria

Scene control

Beyond bringing light to the space, the project pursues and achieves the creation of different atmospheres in the same area. All this is thanks to the DMX control offered by the Titan Double White LED strips of 19.2W/m. With a light flux of 860 lumens per metre, Titan can go from 2400K to 6000K, making it the ideal LED strip for installations where different colour temperatures are required in the same context.

Mirador Torre Glories iluminación Lluria

Design and perspective

The modular and neat configuration of light lines changes as our position in space does. In this way, the formal design offers a double visual perspective: on the one hand and if we stand parallel to the Draco lights, we can see how the roof is transformed into a flat and continuous surface of light. However, if we stand in line with the beam, we will have the sense of a faster, more dynamic and rhythmic space caused by the visual leakage produced by the lines of light that make up this new, magical waiting room.

Client: Mediapro Exhibitions
Lighting Design: Anoche Lighting Design

Distributor: Elektra Catalunya

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