Lighting solutions for hotel lobbies

Hotel Brisamar Suites (Comarruga) by Saladie. ©alvarovaldecantos

“A first impression can do wonders.” With this well-known phrase by J.K. Rowling we begin an article that is as interesting as it is necessary. Today, a hotel’s welcome lobby is the key room that sets the first impression and creates that all-important welcoming ambience. Striking the perfect balance between light and interior design is crucial to captivating guests, so here are some of the most effective strategies to achieve this goal.

Hotel SB Glow (Barcelona) by InSense + Alado Studio
Hotel SB Glow (Barcelona) by InSense + Alado Studio

Welcoming reception

If your aim is to achieve a warm, pleasant environment, opt for indirect light lines with colour temperatures around the 2700K mark. The most suitable places to install these are around the perimeter and contour trenches as well as in certain support elements or furniture, such as shelves, reception tables or decorative pieces. For the first case we propose the ST2 or ST4 profiles accompanied by BASIC 14.2 OR MOON 14.2  LED strips in 3000K colour temperature. Regarding the integration of light in shelves, shelves and sockets of the reception tables, you can use the ST51 or ST52 profiles and the COB ANSER AN11 LED strips in 2700K or 3000K.

Hotel Brisa (Ibiza) Socías y Rosselló + Aixut Interiorisme

The Importance of functionality

A space with a beautiful lighting environment may not be enough to achieve the necessary light levels for certain basic tasks, such as taking guests’ details, clearly reading the menu in the lobby, or ensuring safety in hotel corridors and halls. For these situations, direct zenithal lighting works best, which will allow you to use — depending on the ceiling height — linear surface, recessed  or suspended systems. Whatever you go for, remember to use opal diffusers to prevent unsightly glares.

• Hotel Vincci- Consulado de Bilbao 4* by Susaeta Iluminación
Hotel Vincci- Consulado de Bilbao 4* by Susaeta Iluminación

One space, multiple uses

In recent years, lobbies have become the new hangout spots in hotels, emerging as multipurpose spaces that can accommodate all types of guests. Over the course of the day, they might host business meetings, groups of friends and family enjoying an aperitif, or guests cosily kicking back with a good book. As such, it’s important to segment and alternate different levels of lighting on each of the facilities’ surfaces. Lluria’s linear systems let you cater to all these variables since we have powers starting from 4.8W/m and exceeding 37W/m. As a general guideline, we recommend using the same or an analogous colour temperature to grant the space conceptual unity.

Hard Rock Hotel Madrid by Atelier Mel

Down to the smallest details

The differential factor of a good light design is found in the small details. That’s why at Lluria we offer you all the formal solutions for linear profiles to adapt to any situation. In addition, in our catalogue of LED strips you can find special products such as SNAKE, whose geometry allows you to design its shape, SIDE AWAY, with lateral light emission, CRONO, to create the most imaginative figures and designs and DIGITAL IP20, with which you can design and programme all kinds of visuals and lighting effects.

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