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Grill & Pool La Buena Vida. Iluminación: Maraba Studio. Fotografía: Bruto Estudio

At Lluria we realise that each project is and must be unique. For each type of space and purpose, there’s a wide range of objective conditioning factors to consider, such as the kind of material, texture, colour, dimensions and formal structure of the space, in addition to other subjective factors such as the client’s personal wishes and the needs of the designer or architect. That’s why all our clients’ projects are treated with the utmost attentiveness and the care and respect they deserve. At Lluria we respond to all these requirements with a personalised service that aims to accomplish and also add value to ideas.

Restaurante Belbo Dos Besos. Iluminación: Vie Il.luminació Tècnica i Decorativa

All kinds of solutions

Hotels, homes, restaurants, sports and cultural facilities… whatever the function or type, at Lluria we have all kinds of lighting products and solutions that can adapt to any situation. Suspended, recessed and surface-mounted linear solutions in different sizes and finishes with the possibility to choose the desired colour temperature and appropriate level of intensity. All with the option of being installed indoors, outdoors or submerged underwater, unmistakably putting the space’s lighting centre stage.

SB Glow Hotel. Diseño: In Sense y Alado Studio

Customised profiles

Our profiles and systems cover all lighting and spatial needs. However, sometimes there are very specific requirements, either due to the particular concerns and interests of the client or to the formal needs of the architect or designer. At Lluria we make your wishes come true, manufacturing on demand any type of design, both in formal and lighting terms, so you can get the product you want. We carry out bespoke projects using state of the art parametric technology.

Dynamic design

In addition to customised formal design, we can also help to create different settings using dynamic lighting. All the creativity and emotion at your fingertips to achieve the ultimate in quality and naturalness thanks to our ecosystem of products. Why not go one step further and create ambiences and sensations with our innovative lighting solutions?

Technical advice

We’re by your side throughout the entire project. Our team is available to help you decide which lighting is best suited to each space and we can resolve all technical and installation issues to ensure the product is fitted and started up properly.

Hard Rock Hotel Madrid. Diseño: Atelier Mel


At Lluria we’re continuously developing in technical terms and producing new lighting solutions. On a daily basis, our research department works both independently and in collaboration with prestigious architects and designers to develop new systems, accessories and linear profiles capable of dealing with any situation.

Lluria Xperience
Lluria Xperience. Diseño: reMM

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