Discover the potential of suspended linear lighting

Iluminación lineal suspendida
iluminación lineal suspendida

Suspended luminaires can be an excellent resource in our lighting design. We often choose lamps based on the material, shape and finish we consider suitable at the time. However, their design may soon become somewhat outdated and no longer match the new furniture chosen or the colour of the room when it is redecorated. At Lluria we understand the line as the purest, most basic and recognisable geometric object. A working philosophy that uses light rather than form as a mechanism to illuminate our ideas.

Below is a detailed description of the full potential of our suspended linear lighting systems.

Las luminarias suspendidas pueden ser un buen recurso a utilizar en nuestro diseño lumínico. En muchas ocasiones elegimos una lámpara en base al material, forma y acabado que en ese determinado momento consideramos adecuado. Sin embargo, con el paso del tiempo su diseño puede quedar algo desfasado y no combinar con el nuevo mobiliario elegido o con la renovación de color de la estancia en la que se encuentra. En Lluria entendemos la línea como la geometría más pura, básica y reconocible. Una filosofía de trabajo que hace uso de la luz y no de la forma como mecanismo para iluminar nuestras ideas. A continuación, te detallamos todo el potencial de nuestros sistemas suspendidos de iluminación lineal.

Precision and definition

The height from the ceiling to the usable plane of our workstation, counter or dining table is often a limiting or conditioning factor in lighting design. Besides solving this, Lluria’s linear suspension systems offer an enormous variety of diffusers capable of adapting the light to a useful plane, as we call them in lighting technology. The possibility of choosing between different diffusers and finishes will facilitate the task of precisely outlining the area to be lit.

iluminación lineal suspendida

To infinity

A softly and evenly lit environment can convey peace and harmony. To achieve this, we must achieve a lighting uniformity that not only generates spatial continuity but also maintains the same ambient atmosphere. At Lluria we guarantee this scalability because our profiles allow you to create lines of light that are lost in infinity.

iluminación lineal suspendida

Integrated design

Good product design goes beyond aesthetics. At Lluria we have developed several systems and profiles that integrate the driver into the luminaire itself. This is a huge design advantage over other conventional suspension systems, as we avoid the search for hard-to-reach registers and intrusive power supply wiring. Among others, we can choose the ST22 or ST27 profiles.

iluminación lineal suspendida

Tailor-made composition

A luminaire of luminaires? Imagine and design the composition and distribution of your ideal luminaire. At LLuria we know that each space is unique and personal, which is why we offer the possibility of materialising your wishes, without limits. Modular, vertical, horizontal lines, adapted to each place, making use of the possibilities offered by the suspension kits. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, our technical department is at your disposal to turn your vision into reality.

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