Keys for designs with linear surface systems

Perfiles superficie
Concesionario GT Wagen (Madrid) by Lámparas Oliva

When we develop a lighting project, there are often architectural obstacles that handicap the initial proposal or idea. In most cases, and as a rule, we only use surface profiles when it’s impossible to integrate lighting into the space, either because there’s no false ceiling or because the vertical walls are too thin. However, in addition to these inevitable situations, there are many other reasons why you may opt for these surface systems. At Lluria we have as many types of linear surface profiles as projects can cover. Here are some of the most interesting solutions:

Infinite compositions

It is becoming increasingly common for projects to lack a false ceiling because of design criteria. This design decision, far from being an obstacle, can become a tool and opportunity to create new approaches to lighting. This is the case of the ST4 PLUS and ST35 surface profiles, which feature dimensions and finishes that provide a high degree of sophistication and spatial presence. In addition, you can choose between five types of diffusers, among which we would highlight the black methacrylate finish. Another very interesting solution is the ST22 surface profile, which allows you to integrate and hide the wiring of the LED strip inside the profile itself.

Iluminacion pasillos
Proyecto de Fis Interiorismo con Viva Llum

Light sockets

The ST29 system is ideal for installing in sockets. With this solution you can indirectly illuminate a path to your different rooms or accentuate and highlight the lower line of a piece of furniture. What’s more, its anodised aluminium finish makes it safe and convenient to clean. Another very interesting option is the ST17  model, which in addition to indicating the way, provides light uniformity to the vertical wall.

Perfiles superficie
Casa Particular “Acero” (Bellaterra)- by Vié Iluminación

Lighting stairs

At LLuria we are constantly developing and researching to offer specific and innovative solutions. An example of this is the ST21 profile, which is designed to bathe stair steps in light. With its simple installation, this special piece becomes the perfect stair nosing and finish.

Perfiles superficie

Limits and edges

Especially in projects with a high level of design, such as art installations or temporary exhibits, lighting plays a crucial role. If you’re looking to modify the overall chromatic feel of a space, or mark the limits of the architecture, the ST6 profiles are the ideal solution. Their triangular and extruded shape adapts perfectly to the edges of the space. You can also install high-power LED strips into this profile, reaching up to 35W/m.

Perfiles superficie
Restaurante Belbo Dos Besos by Vie Il.luminació Tècnica i Decorativa

Organic forms

Organic architectural designs are the workhorse for any lighting designer. For these unique and complex cases, we have the ST19 profile made of extruded aluminium. This system can curve and adapt its shape to any project and circumstance.

The elegance of lighting with linear LED systems is at the tip of your fingertips with Lluria’s surface profiles, which are as limitless as your creativity. Bring light to everything you can imagine. And if you have any queries, we’d be happy to help you. Just let us know and we’ll respond to all your needs and design concerns.

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