Macassar Showroom: designer lighting for cutting-edge products

Maraba Studio Macassar iluminacion
Showroom Macassar: iluminación de diseño de Maraba Studio

Most people’s idea of a showroom is a large container-type space filled with products to display to the public. A place in which potential buyers can see and touch finishes, measure scales or feel the effect items have on them and the spaces they occupy. But can we turn the exhibition space into something else, into an experience?

Custom design

This was the question Maraba Studio posed to us when we were commissioned to design the lighting for the Macassar furniture showroom in Lanzarote. The elegant French toilet brand Trone was the perfect excuse to develop a unique space that would serve as both a showroom and toilet for staff and customers. A project that became reality thanks to Lluria’s wide variety of linear systems.

Aquatic effect

When walking into the space, flashes of blue light flood and softly glide across the walkable surface. The large side mirror amplifies the aquatic lighting effect produced by the projection of a continuously rotating circular gobo.

Indirect Lighting

At the end of the corridor, the indirect lighting behind the vertical mirror brings scale, elegance and sleekness, with the lower light under the sink making it ‘float’ in the space. The supporting side fixture provides the ensemble with an accent piece, contrasting and functional lighting.

Movement and dynamism

Designer toilets bathed in light that not only illuminates the space but redefines the avant-garde nature of it. Lines of light run and fold through the different surface planes thanks to Lluria’s profiles and integrated systems. The rhythmic arrangement creates a sense of movement and dynamism as you walk through the space.

Light eclipse

The wide variety of Lluria inside IP20 LED strips make it possible to create any effect imaginable. In this case, the ‘eclipse’ of the circular mirror was easily achieved by fixing a flexible LED perimeter strip around the inside contour. The dimensions of the space are multiplied thanks to the optical illusion produced by the reflection of the side mirrors. A simple but smart projection technique that reproduces this magical lighting moment to infinity.

Lighting design: Maraba Studio
Naos Iluminación
Photography: Bruto Estudio

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