Restaurante Belbo Dos Besos, elegant and relaxed atmosphere

Restaurante Dos Besos iluminación
Restaurante Dos Besos iluminación Lluria

Belbo Dos Besos is a new restaurant located in Barcelona’s iconic Rambla de Catalunya, the epicentre of the city’s historic quarters and tourism. Here, guests can savour the Mediterranean flavours of the cuisine beneath the lighting of two elegant and relaxed atmospheres. A combination of warm and monochromatic tones conceived by Vié Il.luminació Técnica I Decorativa in cooperation with Lluria and matched to perfection in a single restaurant space.

Restaurante Dos Besos iluminación


Sitting within the recesses of the outer facade are silhouettes that pay tribute to the restaurant’s name. Two large lips made of monochromatic light serve to call attention to the establishment while providing a visual of its identity.

Restaurante Dos Besos iluminación

Warm and sophisticated lighting

A warm and sophisticated glow bathes and highlights the stone finishes of the walls. The hardness of the stone is softened and diffused through the weightlessness of the floating lamps designed specifically for this room and which mark the way for guests.

Ambient and functional lighting

Spheres of light that hang at different heights make the space complete. This is a deliberate strategy that provides rhythm and scale, as well as ambience and functional lighting.

Linear light contrasts

The architectural and spatial contrasts stand out in perfect harmony with the different colour temperatures. Neutral and nuanced bands of light crown the room, while Lluria’s linear and flexible systems adapt to the edges of the furniture, decorative elements and contours of the space, providing warm tones.

Light shadowing

Lamps with volumetric design and visible filaments accompany the linear contour lighting that emphasises the moulding figures finished in wood. A “light shadowing” effect that provides volume and reinforces the restaurant’s identity.

Restaurante Belbo Dos Besos. Iluminación: Vie Il.luminació Tècnica i Decorativa

Festive atmosphere

The upper floor of the restaurant houses a charismatic, festive and innovative world. A mysterious atmosphere in red that accentuates the colours of the furniture, curtains and flooring.

Artistic strokes

A double line in a single red tone runs the length of the large room like artistic squiggles that colour in the space. A Crono lamp in the form of a flexible tubular LED strip with a 360° light distribution has proven to be the best lighting resource for this unique space.

Belbo Dos Besos iluminacion Lluria

Client: Belbo Collection
Architecture & Interior Design: DPOCH


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