Alarz Bahía Club, the restaurant whose interior reflects the warmth of an island

Alarz Bahía Club iluminacion Lluria

Since its recent opening, Alarz Bahía Club has become one of the most outstanding gastronomic spaces on the island of Lanzarote. Located on the ground floor of the Hotel Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa, this new temple of gastronomy invites us to enjoy a warm, jungle-themed dining experience orchestrated by the lighting design of Maraba Studio in collaboration with Lluria.

Desde su reciente apertura, Alarz Bahía Club se ha convertido en uno de los espacios gastronómicos más destacados de la isla de Lanzarote. Ubicado en la planta baja del Hotel Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa, este nuevo templo de la restauración nos invita disfrutar de una experiencia gastronómica cálida y selvática orquestada por el diseño lumínico de Maraba Studio en colaboración con Lluria.

Outer façade

The outer façade comprises a series of modular light recesses that lend rhythm and harmony to the surroundings. A translucent mural in the form of a sign that suggestively reveals the warm atmosphere of its interior.

Element of surprise

The entrance to the restaurant from the hotel lobby is concealed behind a panelled metal door that reflects the surrounding space. This design resource seeks to emphasise the surprise effect of discovering its interior.  The only clue to the entrance is to be found in the signage of indirect lights and organic shapes located next to the specular threshold.

Alarz iluminacion Lluria

Warm and welcoming

Despite its large scale, the light manages to recreate a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Maraba Studio ‘s lighting strategy is based on the use of indirect linear lights as the project’s narrative discourse.

Intimate space

An environment of intimate corners with predominantly 1800K colour temperatures that reinforce and enhance the finishes of the soft materials – such as wood – and soft tones of its décor.

Alarz iluminacion Lluria

Lines of light

Lluria ‘s variety of linear systems can be adapted to any shape and surface. The vertical lines outline and illuminate the tables and the contours of the restaurant. In the central area, a tectonically designed bar seems to levitate thanks to the effect of light on its lower perimeter.

Alarz iluminacion Lluria

Movement and dynamism

Suspended fittings introduce movement and dynamism into the space. A seabed of lighted jellyfish provides ambient lighting for the bars and diners’ tables. The stability of this movement is marked by the horizontal and vertical lines of the LED strips and profiles along the route.

Alarz iluminacion Lluria


The kitchen is completely open to the restaurant by making use of a transition bar that breaks up and lightens its architecture. A sum of balanced contrasts of warm, neutral and cold lights that reinforce the brightness of the materials and highlight the details and unique pieces.

Alarz iluminacion Lluria

Inside Outside

Alarz Bahía Club opens up and looks out over horizon and sunset. The high colour rendering – over 90 – of Lluria LED strips allows the interior lighting environment to blend in with the warm light of the sunset.

Alarz luminacion Lluria

Light and nature

The vegetation is featured and illuminated as a gesture that highlights the incredible landscape of the island.  In this way, light and nature merge into a single concept that amplifies our emotions to achieve the most enjoyable gastronomic pleasure.

Architecture: ISOC Estudio
Interior Design: Mardecó Art Studio
Lighting Design: Maraba Studio
Photography: Bruto Estudio
Endign: 2021

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