Hard Rock Hotel Madrid, the colossal guitar that vibrates to the rhythm of rock

Guitarra Hard Rock Hotel Madrid Lluria
Hard Rock Madrid Hotel, la guitarra colosal

Hard Rock Hotel Madrid is the Hard Rock chain’s first urban establishment in Spain to take advantage of the city’s close relationship with music culture to offer a place for unlimited fun. An iconic space where you can relax and enjoy all kinds of events.

Hard Rock Madrid Hotel, la guitarra colosal de Lluria

Musical groups, emblematic characters and songs from all eras accompany us wherever we go, from the entrance hall to the interior of the rooms. The jewel in the crown is in the hotel’s atrium: a colossal seven-storey sculpture in the shape of a guitar – a nod to Hard Rock‘ s iconic Gibson Les Paul  which hangs like a huge chandelier and floods the space with light.

Grupos musicales, personajes emblemáticos y canciones de todas las épocas nos acompañan a lo largo de nuestro recorrido, desde el vestíbulo de entrada hasta el interior de las habitaciones. La joya de la corona la encontramos en el atrio del hotel: una colosal escultura de siete plantas de altura en forma de guitarra -referencia a la icónica Gibson Les Paul de Hard Rock- que descuelga como una gran lámpara para inundar el espacio con su luz.

The work designed by Atelier Mel and using aluminium plates and metal tubes, softly and warmly illuminates the Madrid night. Around it, runs an elegant Cougar (CO12-30-3L) perimeter light line that adapts to the organic geometry of the guitar body thanks to the great flexibility of Lluria’s LED linear systems. The strings are made of LX14.4-27-55-A digital LED strips, which create moving scenes in different shades of white that follow the rhythm of the music. Dynamic lighting controlled by the Casambi system makes a piece of architectural design that vibrates and modulates its light according to the type of melody.

Hard Rock Madrid Hotel, la guitarra colosal que vibra a ritmo de rock

A special new venue with a great personality for hosting all kinds of concerts and cultural activities. The place where music and art merge into a single concept through a brilliant light sculpture that dances and shines to the rhythm of rock and roll.


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