Staircase lighting: the balance between safety and design

Iluminacion escaleras con luz lineal
Iluminación escaleras
Vivienda particular. Diseño de Criteri Interiors e iluminación de Panaled Lighting Specialists.

When developing a lighting plan, it’s important to imagine what sort of environment is desired for each space and therefore what type of lighting will be most appropriate. Beyond these premises, there are other essential aspects that cannot be forgotten in a full-scale project that takes in the lighting of each and every element, staircases included. Though there are many ways to light up a staircase, here at Lluria we want to offer you what we believe are the most ideal solutions.

While it may seem obvious, it must be borne in mind that a staircase is a hub of communication between two spaces and as such it needs to be properly lit to prevent possible accidents. Hence, safety must always be the highest priority, over the decorative aspect. With this in mind, it is important to find a balanced level of light that allows people to clearly distinguish each individual stair from the others, avoiding shadows or dark zones. As designers, our objective is to create a safe space that adds value to the building and accentuates the design of the staircase.

In recent years, linear LED strip systems have revolutionised lighting design. They can be installed anywhere and they are easily adaptable to different lengths. Very often, staircases are planned as objects of design, taking on very diverse shapes and materials. For this reason, it is essential to adequately indicate and illuminate each of its main components and transform a place of transit into a decorative element that enhances the room or building.

Iluminacion escaleras
Vivienda particular. Diseño de Criteri Interiors e iluminación de Panaled Lighting Specialists.

One good way to light up a staircase is to mark its steps horizontally. The LED can be hidden beneath the stair nosing or the lighting profile with an opal diffusor can be built into the stair in the uppermost part of its riser. This makes it possible to clearly mark the transition from one stair to another while at the same time bathing each stair and rising in soft, diffused light. If the space is very small, the MINI LED by Lluria is always a great option, with a width of only 4 mm. In addition to being adjustable, you can also select the colour temperature, which can range between 2300K and 4000K, with three different power intensities.

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Yet another option is the installation of a LED strip along the handrail. In addition to clearly marking the location of the handrail, the placement of the LED strip here will light up the entire width of the section of stairs. Regardless of the material used, it is important to work closely with the architect or designer to indicate the guidelines and measurements of the selected profile, in order to hide the system, so that only the light cast is visible. For this configuration, the Energy EN20 or EN37 LED strips will ensure that the entire staircase is perfectly illuminated. In cases where the design makes it impossible to hide the system, we recommend installing the Anser AN11 LED strip, with COB technology that eliminates the visible points of the chip and widens the light beam angle.

As we have mentioned above, a staircase can take on diverse, non-standard configurations. For those special circumstances, the Snake LED strip could be the ideal solution. Its flexible LED system adapts perfectly to impossible curves, right angles and uneven surfaces with irregular shapes. The SN4,8 is perfect to mark any contour, while the SN14,2 model is most appropriate for a more intense projection of light.

Iluminacion escaleras con lineales Led
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The finish of the staircase will also determine the chosen colour temperature of the LED strip. For materials such as wood and pastel tones, we recommend warm colour temperatures between 2700K and 3000K. On metallic surfaces or glass staircases, neutral or cold colour temperatures are most appropriate. And if the project is of a more festive or fun nature, the Titan TT19,2-RGBW model by Lluria will allow for the selection and programming of the entire colour range. That said, be sure to remember that when it comes to lighting up a staircase, the most important thing of all is safety.

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