Integrated linear lighting for compact spaces

iluminacion integrada espacios pequeños

The value of a design project is independent of its scale. The success of the final result only depends on the effort made to think and rethink with dedication and creativity the formal configuration of said space. Each project must be unique and must tell its own story.

A good example is the walk-in wardrobe at Mas Canavalles, the piece of furniture designed by architect Luis Mateos Vidal for a very special home located in the town of Port de la Selva in Girona. The project aims to increase the clothing storage capacity in a room where four-point vaults and stone walls dress the space.

This essential need to maximise storage space gives rise to a new central element that respects the power of the context where it’s located while colonising it. An object that creates new circulations and that will at the same time provide the light that illuminates this spectacular rest room.

iluminacion integrada espacios pequeños

Its design is an allusion to the reed formwork — found in the stream next to the room itself — used in the past to construct the vaults. It will be the reinterpretation of these canes that will end up configuring the furniture in the form of 40x20mm wooden slats, which will act as a visual filter and privacy element.

iluminacion integrada espacios pequeños

The lighting — matching and integrated into the space and object — takes on special prominence. On a functional level, the uniform lighting allows one to clearly see and select the garments that hang from the wooden slats. On an ambience level, a warm atmosphere invades the space, turning the piece of furniture into a designer lamp.

iluminacion integrada espacios pequeños

The complexity of the lighting project comes from the spatial limitations. The subtle integration of the lighting was possible thanks to the extruded ST16 and ST26 aluminium profiles from Lluria. Their minimum sections of 6.5×15.2 mm and 10.2×10.0 mm respectively make them perfect for situations where you have little space. In addition, you can choose between a white, black or aluminium finish, which will facilitate its integration into the space.

These special profiles make it possible to house the MINI MI4.8 and MI10 LED strips of 4.8W/m and 10W/m of power respectively. Both models are available in colour temperatures ranging from 2300K to 4000K. For the walk-in closet, a colour temperature of 2700K was selected.

iluminacion integrada espacios pequeños

In daylight, the furniture with a white pickled melis pine finish blends in perfectly with the rustic look. When night falls, the white colour disappears to highlight a delicate object that lights up the room providing warmth and making this new rest space even more pleasant if that were indeed possible.

Project authors: Luis Mateos Vidal
Collaborators: Nil Brullet Francí
Execution: Pablo Lleixà
Photography: Cristina Ortega

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