Lluria Xperience, 7 lighting strategies at your fingertips

How many times have you visualized in your mind the perfect lighting for a project but, then faced with doubts, have you been left wanting to try the solution before applying it?

Have you ever wondered, when admiring a well-lit space, how to get the same sensations in your project?

The indecisions and concerns when designing the lighting of a space, a building, or even an artistic installation, are numerous. Therefore, to accompany professionals on the difficult path that goes from creating the idea to the materialization of light, the Lluria Xperience laboratory was born.

Lluria Xperience
Lluria Xperience. Montmeló, Barcelona. reMM

Lluria Xperience is a test space designed so that architects, interior designers, designers, and professionals in the world of lighting can experience, investigate and feel light in all its functional and emotional applications.

The designers who come to the Lluria Xperience space with an idea, or in search of a lighting effect, will leave with concrete solutions, precise technical specifications, and unexpected lighting details. Those who come to enjoy a light experience will be immersed in a space with dynamic and immersive digital lighting, full of visual, spatial, and sound stimuli that will fuel their creativity and inspiration.

But what linear lighting applications can be explored in the Lluria Xperience laboratory?

Hotel SB Glow. Barcelona. inSense + Alado Studio

1. Experience dynamic and sensory lighting
At Lluria Xperience the visitor can enjoy an immersive experience of light, colour, and sound. The use of geometries and materials emphasizes the properties of light, and through dynamic, interactive, and sensorial lighting, it is possible to completely change the spaces and the perception we have of them, altering our experiences and our emotions. Lluria’s digital LED strips, along with advanced interaction and control systems, provide the technology behind this experience. The result is surprising and unique at every moment and in every person.

Vivienda particular. Bellaterra. Vié iluminación.
Private house. Bellaterra, Barcelona. Vié iluminación.

2. Reproduce the most appropriate lighting for people’s well-being
Have you noticed many mood swings in the people around you during the days of confinement? Surely the situation of health and economic insecurity is the main reason for their discomfort, but the lack of sunlight also has a lot to do with it, since it affects the natural circadian cycle of humans. Having healthy lighting is important for our physical and emotional well-being. In Lluría Xperience you can light up the entire space, faithfully reproducing the full spectrum of natural light. The sensation is surprising, since you will faithfully experience in a few minutes the variations in tone and intensity of light that occur throughout the day.

Restaurante Zela. Londres. BMLD.
Zela Restaurant. London. BMLD.

3. Get the secret of the details well resolved
One of the aspects that most differentiates a good lighting project is the solution applied in the architectural or interior lighting details. The same LED strip can offer an excellent lighting effect or, on the contrary, an unwanted one if its placement, the types of profiles and their accessories are not well controlled. In Lluría Xperience it is possible to check different solutions in the lighting applications sample, whether they are direct, indirect light, in recesses, baseboards and many others.

Roca Gallery. Barcelona. inSense
Roca Gallery. Barcelona. inSense

4. Discover invisible lights for integrated architecture
There are no excuses for those devices that hinder our vision if what we want is maximum integration. In Lluria Xperience you will discover different strategies for making the lights disappear: from miniatures, to finishes that blend with the construction materials, through profiles for LED strips perfectly integrated into the details of the furniture or architecture.

Restaurante Pura Brasa. Barcelona. Vié Iluminación.
Restaurant Pura Brasa. Barcelona. Vié Iluminación.

5. Losing fear of curves
Designers’ creativity often comes to grief in curves. Many of us have faced a sinuous ceiling, including enclosures and furniture with integrated lighting, which make execution difficult precisely because of their curvilinear forms. In Lluria Xperience you will lose your fear of curves. You just have to discover the specific products of flexible light fittings that facilitate the most daring details and also curves … in every way.

Slaughterhouse. Avinyó. by DLlum BCN

6. Projecting exteriors that make a difference
One of the great challenges in lighting design is the change of light and formal language between interior and exterior spaces, or between ceiling and floor lights, when installation requirements make it necessary to apply IP protection. Among the light fittings present in the Lluria Xperience you can discover and test solutions that provide continuity and coherence between the interior and exterior, integrated lighting solutions in furniture and also submersible LED strips.

Lluria Xperience. Montmeló, Barcelona. reMM

7. Leave room for your imagination
Lluria Xperience is not an exhibition space, but rather an environment of inspiration that offers solutions. It can even become the germ of new concepts and custom lighting projects. A laboratory for artists, lighting designers, interior designers, architects, engineers, or any other professional, to experiment and immerse themselves in light, until they find the best solution for their project.

Now that you know the possibilities offered by the Lluria Xperencience laboratory, do you know what your favourite light effect is? The one you would like to investigate? The emotion that you would like to relive through light?

We encourage you to book a visit to Lluria Xperience. We will be delighted to welcome you and let you play and experiment with the materiality of light.

Contact us at info@lluria.com

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